The consumption of cooked food in coconut oil can overcome high blood pressure

Jul 3, 2017 | | Say something

Washington, Feb. 10: the combination of coconut oil and exercise can overcome high blood pressure, scientists have claimed. Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as “super food”. Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health, including fat loss, improved brain function and many other […more]

Spice successful low blood pressure

Apr 14, 2017 | | Say something

If you have problems with high blood pressure , without definitely you need to change eating habits, reducing salt intake and fat, increase water intake, but also ask a doctor for help. However, among the advice already known to prevent the appearance of “silent murderer”, an aromatic spice may also help. Canela is a spice […more]

Home remedies for hypertension

Oct 11, 2016 | | Say something

Home remedies for hypertension ; The problem of high blood pressure is also known as “hypertension” . High blood pressure is dangerous. Hypertension can lead to serious problems such as heart attack, kidney failure and so on. Therefore, it is very important for an individual to obtain adequate treatment for hypertension. Common causes of hypertension […more]

Boost your mood and 3 Other reasons to enjoy Blackstrap Molasses

Jun 17, 2016 | | Say something

A long-term fixed Southern cooking, molasses is becoming known as a super food because of its comfort soothing, healing qualities and nutritious value. Produced by boiling the juice of sugar cane, becomes a dark, thick elixir after a third boiling – most Americans know this as blackstrap molasses. This sweetener color depth and delicious is […more]

Heart rhythm and heart failure Center in place to prevent and treat heart rhythm disorders

Jun 13, 2016 | | Say something

Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road with the aim of providing the best and comprehensive care in cardiac care, it has launched today – ‘Fortis Heart rate and Heart Center failure “- a comprehensive solution for the prevention and management of all heart rate disorders and treatment of heart failure. Heart Rhythm and heart failure Heart is […more]

Suicide attempts puts adolescent boys at a higher risk of premature heart disease

Jun 8, 2016 | | Say something

Adolescents, especially children, who try an attempted suicide or are close to someone who had attempted suicide at a higher risk of heart disease in their 20s, a new study finds. The results showed that young men had higher blood pressure and systemic low-grade inflammation if they had attempted suicide when he was a teenager. […more]

7 silent murderers who must be aware of!

Jun 7, 2016 | | Say something

7 silent murderers who must be aware of! ; silent killer diseases are the early symptoms are not present, or if they do, are so subtle that it goes unnoticed. And if the disease or condition goes unnoticed for long, what you can do irreversible damage. That said, it is always beneficial to be aware […more]

1 in 5 young people in India suffer from hypertension

Jun 7, 2016 | | Say something

More than 20 percent of young people in India suffer from hypertension problems due to sedentary lifestyle, experts have said. Experts warned that hypertension and other complications were also leading to cerebral hemorrhage. ‘Most young working people are facing health problems due to anxiety, stress and the usual’ rush ‘that prevails in their day to […more]

The increased exposure to air pollution may cause risks for high blood pressure

Jun 1, 2016 | | Say something

Exposure to pollutants air derived from coal burning, vehicle exhaust, dust and dirt may increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, a new study warns. High blood pressure can be defined as greater than 140 mmHg systolic and / or diastolic blood pressure above 90 mm Hg or use of anti-hypertensive drugs. The results […more]