Evolve your look with every season, says stylist Rod Anker

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Evolve your look with every season, says stylist Rod Anker ;

is a good idea to change your appearance with each season to avoid boredom, says stylist Rod Anker international celebrities. Anker, the newly appointed ambassador of the brand of professional hair care Schwarzkopf Professional in India, was in the capital to demonstrate their imagination in a way that alters with modern designs and style. He played with messy buns, chic and boho braids curly hair frizzy models and talked about the peculiarity of Indian hair types and hair problems common during the monsoon. (Read: tips for hair care for different hair types )

The international stylist gave a tip evergreen vital for those who like to move with the Times. “With each change of season, has to evolve his eyes, because no one wants to see someone wearing the same clothes for the next 20 years, it’s boring, ‘Anker IANS during an interaction here. The Australian, who is believed to be acting as a conduit between the west and India, seeks to redefine the business of hair care in the country (Read: expert advice with style Indian hair ).

“I am excited to start this trip. I want to educate future stylists and celebrities not only create, “he said, clarifying that he does not like being referred to as a” celebrity stylist ‘. He hopes to bring the hairdressing industry “up” in terms of getting respect as a career option. ‘Hairdressers worldwide are considered celebrities for some reason. Worldwide, there are stylists who’re celebrities and that is where we have to make the Indian industry … not only create celebrities, but actually have the back-end work done so that hairtylists can stand on their own feet and not depend on a foreigner to enter the country to do something, “Anker said (Read: 5 hairstyles braids fashion ).

Anker says today, accessibility to global trends has increased access in the web and social networking sites around the world, but the reason I think not apply well here is the lack of education “back-end “and skills. with 25 years of experience working with customers and international celebrities and India, including the likes of Kylie Minogue, Deepika Padukone and Elle Macphersan, Anker says that since these familiar faces are always in the public eye , which mostly shy away from changing hairstyles or appearance.

“Every celebrity fears experiment with her hair,” Anker, who began his career in hairdressing in 1986. In India, who is the director of the monsoon Salon and Spa said that currently has operations in two states in northern India – Delhi and Haryana) the brand is owned by rod Anker stylists Private Limited (RAHSPL)

. Source: IANS .

image Source: IANS

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