The number of men opting for cosmetic surgery has increased alarmingly

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men want cosmetic surgery too

Move the cursor over the ladies, when man must dominate the world of cosmetology. From cosmetics to cosmetic surgery, men have become much more aware of maintaining his image of himself as never before. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012.

A review of available data on the stage of the India seems to indicate that the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures has increased by almost 100% between 1997 and 2013. the first three procedures seeking men during this period were the body contouring procedures including breast treatment, rhinoplasty and restoration male hair.

is a great mistake to think that only women are willing to go to any extent to look beautiful. In recent years, there has been a boom is cosmetic surgery for men. Women want fine definition, men want high definition. Get a firm jaw line of the size of a six pack, demands vary. Today, thanks to medical advances, you can even look like Brad Pitt!

Different Strokes

Research shows that men opt for cosmetic surgery for all two reasons – to look better and to get the cutting edge in your life professional. With increasing competition in the labor market, younger looking perennially has become an imperative.

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Leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohan Thomas elaborates, “Depending on what stage of life they are in, they are ready for surgery. The younger people come in rhinoplasty or bone cheek or chin definition and more for body contouring and surgical treatment of male breast or gynecomastia cancer. “

men middle-aged or those who are sitting in life come in for managing the various stages aging, either nonsurgical or surgical being stuffed with facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Thomas emphasis, “Some people still want better defined deltoid. High definition, is done differently. Although going to the gym regularly and have a chiseled body, you can not get the exact six pack look the way you want, because these are the very specific muscles and muscle mass can not be present. using the navigation system, fat can be injected into the muscles needed to make it look even more bulky. Then I can see grow every muscle in real time. of course it is important to realize what they come with. a six pack is possible only when there is adequate muscle mass. “

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Change the look

Type 1: ‘Model’ look

look: chiseled

necessary procedures: increase of jawline, high definition liposuction. Improve jaw and cheekbones and elongated chin.

Who can opt for it :. An average or good-looking boy

Charges : 50.000 hereafter for each procedure

Type 2: The ‘body builder’ look

Look: Muscular

procedures necessary: ​​ chest, large muscularly toned buttocks. Sometimes Gynescomastia needs to be addressed. In addition, these areas can be augmented with stem cells derived from fat or implants such as pectoral implants. This is a procedure that involves removal of fatty tissue around the breasts.

Who can opt for it :. athletes, men who are interested in a super toned body

Charges 75,000 onwards for each procedure

Type 3: ‘Executive / CEO ‘look

look: Sauvé

necessary procedures :. Neck-lift, lifting eye, jaw new contour, and perhaps liposuction, so

Who can opt for it: doing very well in his career, want to climb further corporate ladder; young and confident but concerned about increasing wrinkles and other age-related problems.

Charges 75,000 onwards for each procedure

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Type 4: The ‘Cool Papa’ look

look: athletic

Procedures required :. jaw new contour, liposuction, browlift and perhaps a blepharoplasty

Who can opt for it: The type “common Dad banker ‘who want to look much more form because it has a paunch now Mean-40 class who are going through midlife crisis

Charges:.. INR 75,000 onwards

What procedures are done more?

is not just to achieve a chiseled body, wanting a sharper nose to a line of well-defined jaw, the demands are increasing. Some procedures most-in-demand include:

  • Management gynecomastia, 6-pack of creation, chin implants and cheek, creating dimples and surgery hair restoration
  • . men are also interested in pectoral implants, buttocks and calves. Hair removal (chest, arms, back, legs and beards design) are also very popular.
  • Not to be left behind men are also looking skin services such as customized facials, peels, BTX-A, dermal fillers for lips and other areas, as well as laser procedures.In requested a country obsessed with glutathione IV for skin lightening equity by one or two tones. The first results are quite promising.

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