Unveiled – what your autofoto says about your personality

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Let’s face it, we all take autofotos occasionally, but not always. But did you know your autofoto reveals something about his personality? Experts say that facial expressions, emotions and other personality secrets could be judged through a autofoto.

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, said that the position of taking autofoto, the place from where it is taken and even the angle of autofoto can present various aspects of the personality of a person. Read – Want to join a course autofoto

For example, if a person is happy and smiling in a autofoto, he / she is likely to be kindhearted and cooperative, according to the study.

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People taking autofoto from under her face are able to adapt in all circumstances. Similarly people who are mad to take autofotos in public places appear to be very honest, he said.

Experts believe that selfies reveal more about the personality of an individual than any other ordinary picture because in autofotos, people have to operate the camera themselves.

So what tells you your autofoto about you? This is like taking a good autofoto.

Source: IANS

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