big data project to improve treatment of MS

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Big data project to improve MS treatments

A new data project is great for collecting information on people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to improve the evaluation of treatments.

The OPTIMIZE project – a collaboration between Imperial College London and the biopharmaceutical company Biogen Idec – develop tools for the collection of a wide range of data from people with MS, in addition to routine clinical assessment.

Its objective is to integrate the brain scans, genomics data, biomarkers of blood samples, the subjective perception of quality of life measures and data from sensors that record the movement in a single base of data.

There are more than 100,000 people in the UK living with MS. Symptoms include fatigue, tingling, slurred speech and difficulty walking and balance -. Although they vary widely among individuals

The development of a system that provides an in depth view of the experiences of patients with MS through a large population could improve understanding of the disease and its treatments.

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It is expected that research to help develop more personalized treatment approaches based on an understanding of individual factors that contribute to disease progression.

Dr Fiona Thomas, UK and Ireland director of medical affairs, Biogen, said: “This innovative project announces the first systematic multicenter collection of patients, medical data and magnetic resonance in the UK to inform best doctors, the health service and industry about the needs of the patient.

“This will facilitate the critical analysis of patient populations with MS enabling physicians to offer a more personalized management of their disease . “

data transparency and open access are crucial for the project. OPTIMIZE collect and patient-centered with the long-term goal of making it accessible to both researchers and patients clinical data which have contributed.

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a software platform as developed in the data Sciences Institute at Imperial College London, will be used to store, curate and analyze data. Researchers can share, manage and analyze information within a secure framework using the open access network.

The system will allow patients to report results, discuss the project with other participants and provide information to investigators. mobility information is obtained using smartphone apps to capture GPS data.

Read about the experience in offering Barchester Multiple Sclerosis support.

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