Flushing sea water instead of fresh water

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Flushing sea water instead of fresh water ;

In a story in Chemical and Engineering News, researchers are concerned about the environmental impact of using sea water treated with chlorine in the bathrooms. Coastal communities, including 80 percent of people living in Hong Kong and clean their toilets with seawater.

According to the article, there are toxic byproducts when regulating wastewater is treated with chlorine, but they say it will be worse with sea water because there is a higher concentration of bromide and iodide to produce products that they are more toxic to marine life when water seeps into coastal waters.

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Researchers in China conducted experiments to see if this was the case, and surprisingly found that the opposite is true. The most important question is whether the introduction of fresh water to a marine environment (salt water) would produce a negative effect. More studies should be done, but putting salt water may help keep the environment the wastewater passes suddenly being introduced to fresh water. See the article for more information.


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