High levels of vitamin D may increase death rates

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High levels of vitamin D may increase death rates ;

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – A study says that while many health problems may be related to low levels of vitamin D, high levels of it are being blamed for a higher rate of mortality

The University study. Copenhagen is the first in the world to show the importance of balancing the levels of vitamin D for good health outcomes and make a connection between high levels of vitamin D and stroke or cardiovascular death.

The research was published in the March 10 edition of The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

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For the study of 247.574 persons were studied for seven years from blood samples. In those years, 16,645 of those who died in the study. The connection between the death and the high or low levels of vitamin D in their bloodstreams was examined.

The study confirms that there is a correlation between mortality rates being too low (less than 50) or too high (above 100) nanomoles per liter and mortality rates and causes of death of vitamin D.

Science Daily quoted an author of the study, as saying “we have seen what caused the death of patients, and when the numbers are above 100, it is observed that there is a higher risk of dying because of a stroke or a heart attack. in other words, levels of vitamin D should not be too low, but they should not be too high. the levels should be somewhere between 50 and 100 nanomoles per liter, and our study indicates that 70 is the most preferable level. “

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This study can influence the attitudes of medical professionals about the safe use of nutritional supplements.

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