Your cell phone is your brain Warping

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Your cell phone is your brain Warping ;

A new study has shown EEG changes due to radiation of 3G mobile phone is real. Brain wave activity alteration takes only 15 minutes of “talk time” when the phone is held to the ear.

The researcher analyzed 31 healthy women were measured twice. First when the phone was attached to the ear, and then, when attached to the chest.

The findings were published online in the issue of June 8 PLoS One.

Women in the trial showed effects of significant radiation for alpha, slowbeta, fastbeta, and gamma bands when telephones were placed in the ear, but no measurable impact was recorded when the phone is placed in the chest.

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findings support the EEG abnormalities are associated with mobile phone use, and the effect is dependent on the installation location.

The paper noted previous research that found exposure to mobile phones that affect the activity of alpha brain waves, and can lead to insomnia, this study was the first study placebo-controlled, single-blind your kind.

Furthermore, this study shows that 15 minutes of exposure to technology 3G mobile phone directly to the ear can increase the activity of alpha, beta, gamma and frequency bands in almost all regions of the brain.

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In summary, the results of 15 minutes of exposure to mobile phones on electrophysiologic measurable changes in brain waves almost the structure and function of the entire brain.

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