Instead of lying on the operating table, he returned to his home safe thanks to these two ingredients!

Apr 27, 2016 | | Say something

This man of 44 years old, Tuzlak Elvir D. decided to share with the audience his experience that saved him from a knee operation, with the help of only two ingredients are probably already in your kitchen.

Namely, as a result of excessive standing and working in recent months, Elvir felt pain in the knees so that the doctor recommended surgery on the knee so it can be able to stand again without pain. However, fear of the operation made to find another option.

“I accidentally found a lady who was collecting many teas and herbs. I knew I was reading many books of this kind and knows a lot about it so, I asked advice and instantly I said to a solution that was very useful for many people. She advised me, for 5 nights without stopping to mix 3 cups apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of salt. This solution should be mixed However, when poured on gauze and to be involved in the painful knee with a cloth. after the first day passed, and I felt relief and pain disappeared after 5 days. Now, for a while I have no problems with my knees and, of course, declined the operation I hope this recipe will be useful for other people. “- says Elvir.

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