Prevent recurrence of UTI with arrowroot powder

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Prevent recurrence of UTI with arrowroot powder ; STD or UTI

Urinary tract infections are common problem while medication can help curb infection, leave no recurrence of the same. Doctors educate women about personal hygiene and prescribe foods that may help keep the infection away. One of those foods that can be consumed at regular intervals to ward off urinary tract infection is arrowroot powder. This root has a number of benefits ranging from being rich in folic acid, preventing diarrhea, digestive disorders and even keep the heart healthy.

How does arrowroot

arrowroot is an emollient, [1] , which means it helps in soothing urinary tract inflammation, providing pain relief during an infection. Arrowroot derives its name, as it has been traditionally used to heal the wounded by the poisonous arrows. Therefore, antiseptic and healing properties arrowroot powder helps in the treatment of infection and prevent recurrence of the same. Cytotoxic activities [2] extracts arrowroot powder helps to build immunity also.

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How do I use it?

arrowroot powder is easily accessible and often referred to as araroot. It is mixed with milk and consumed at regular intervals [3] to maintain urinary tract infections at bay. arrowroot biscuits are also available and is a popular natural thickening agent for sauces and curry. However, arrowroot should be consumed within the prescribed limits. Here are other 7 natural remedies to treat urinary tract infection .

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