Understanding the Eye

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Understanding the Eye ;

Dr. Jodi Vingelen, ND

One of the most notable structures throughout nature is the eye. It has many similarities with the camera, but it is a much more complex and delicate than the best camera instrument. There are many things that affect eye health, such as diet, exercise, rest and sleep, sex life, emotions, alcohol, snuff and other drugs; in fact, anything that improves or prevents the function and, over time, the structures of the eye. 1

Recently, I was traveling in Mexico and one of my evening events was a blind dinner. During this experience I was brought to my attention that I rely heavily on the use of the eyes, while eating and talking during any mealtime. I love my eyes and I can take on the world through this. So during my recent research that it made me think of the corrective and protective lenses. The glasses are a relatively recent invention modern departure from Italy about 13 th century and sunglasses of an invention even more recent of the early 20 th century . One of my questions is, “sunglasses are necessary?” We have been on this planet much longer than sunglasses. Although life has changed. We have the brightest that we are exposed objects. I recognize this as they look and see many cars that reflect sunlight, which is very bright. I imagine what things would be without these modern day objects and believe it would be less harsh on the eyes. Do not get me wrong; I like the bright shiny reflective objects. But it may be too.

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as Dr. Shelton failed in his article “Sunlight eye”:

The eye development depends on light, especially sunlight. total absence of light not only results in blindness, but eyelessness. The offspring of blind fish and shellfish have normal eyes, but the mature forms can be totally eyeless. Fish found in dark caves, which do not receive sunlight, are often blind and eyeless. If the blind Proteus caves Dalmatia rises from his youth in sight, your eyes will be less degenerate than they are in the caves. In young forms bred red light, the eyes become seeing eyes. Goldfish are kept in complete darkness for three years became blind, the retina to undergo severe degeneration. The cave salamander Ozark Mountains is kept away from light and is blind. 1

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The widespread idea that light is dangerous for the eyes is exactly the opposite of the truth. The eyes are useless in the absence of light and can not perform its functions without it. Since the eyes can not function without light and failing atrophy, which should naturally lead us to suspect that light is beneficial and is not dangerous for the eyes.

weak eyes are strengthened by sun exposure. In certain regions of Africa blindness and cataracts they are common and these conditions have been attributed to the intense light and heat in those areas. It would seem that if light and heat were the cause, these conditions would be equally common in equatorial areas from other parts of the world like South America and India, which are not. It has been observed from an American ophthalmologist who had been traveling in Africa found that those who were blinded by cataract were not working in the open sun, but in small shops and bazaars Tunisia. After researching your eating habits, he decided that their eye problems arose from excessive consumption of protein, carbohydrates, nicotine and caffeine. 1

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I agree with Dr. Shelton, “The eyes are made for use. – For use in all grades of light met with in nature I think they are best when used. Do not punish the abuse of them, but I’m sure it will hurt more by being pampered and spoiled that by using vigorous. Makings mollycoddles that eyes softened and weakened as it does children. ” 1

Vingelen Dr. Jodi Vingelen is naturopathic doctor from the city of Austin rooted in natural solutions.

passionately healing methods using personal nature and professionally. One of my favorites “treatments” is immersion in cold water. After a long walk or run, there is nothing more rewarding than to reach a beautiful alpine or river flowing take a dip in the lake refreshing cold water. It is an exhilarating experience. I hope that by reading my brief essays on nature cures to be seduced into this lifestyle that my patients and me seems to be re-vitalization.


  1. Shelton, Herbert. Sunlight eye. Hygiene review of Dr. Shelton. 1942; Vol III No.7. 145-146 and 164.

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