Genes influence the rhythm of sleep / wake seizures in people with epilepsy

Mar 7, 2016 | | Say something

Genes influence the rhythm of sleep / wake seizures in people with epilepsy ;

generalized spike and wave discharges 3 Hz in a child with childhood absence epilepsy. Credit: Wikipedia.

New research Project / Genome Epilepsy Phenome shows that genetics plays a role in the rhythm of sleep / wake seizures. Researchers studied 1,395 people with epilepsy in families with multiple people with epilepsy to determine if the rhythm sleep / wake seizures in families.

The study found that seizures in family was likely to occur at the same time in the sleep / wake cycle. For example, if a brother in a family with epilepsy had seizures during sleep mostly, then the other brother would also be more likely to have seizures during sleep. Individuals with seizures that occur during wakefulness were more likely to have relatives with seizures that occur during wakefulness.

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“Our study provides the first evidence of genetic contribution sleeping / time as a result of seizures. These results improve our understanding of the biology of sleep and convulsions and can lead to better care of families affected by epilepsy, “said Dr. Columbia University Melodie Winawer, lead author of the study epilepsy .

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