Prevention is better than cure osteoporosis

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Despite the threat of osteoporosis will increase in the future, the disease is actually very easy to prevent. Therefore, prevention programs for maintaining bone health at a young age should be the focus of the struggle against the mass of osteoporosis. In view of the general public, only you have to worry about osteoporosis in old age. But really now, many young people 15-25 years who have been diagnosed with symptoms of osteoporosis.
One observer said that osteoporosis, bone health examination carried out to diverse communities, found that young people aged 13-24 years had undergone calcification bones. At least 1,500 young people have symptoms of osteoporosis detected from a limited examination. Many young people think they see not threatened by osteoporosis because the disease is believed that when elderly occurs. But the unhealthy life style since his youth as smoking, eating junk food, doing exercise causes bone condition is not prime.

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osteoprosis cause suffering that can cause disability and death. Many hip fractures, patients died during the attack in the first year. Joanne says, osteoporosis can be prevented. With a healthy diet, but still Noting the intake of vitamin D and calcium is sufficient enough exercise throughout life can significantly reduce osteoporosis in the future.
For people suffering from osteoporosis also being able to maintain bone health. It does not mean they are directly bound diagnosed with osteoporotic fractures. Patients with osteoporosis can restore bone health, consuming enough calcium despite the diet, vitamin D, exercise regularly and accurately, minimizing the risk of falling, quitting smoking, not drinking too much alcohol, and drugs prescribed by a doctor antitulang broken if necessary.
Cyrus Cooper, President of the International Osteoporosis Foundation of Scientific Advisors, said that osteoporosis has to be a concern about health problems. The government must help people to be able to meet the needs of vitamin C and calcium, especially for the most disadvantaged and in the field.
Ciro said, in fact, in some countries and positive signal. Osteoporosis has been recognized as a health problem that must be addressed seriously by establishing prevention and treatment programs. The Government is not aware of the threat of osteoporosis in the population in the country, it should be reassured by the prevalence of patient data and social economic burden incurred. Prevention is better than cure osteoporosis , article source:

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