New school year, new meal ideas!

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A new school year begins. Are you ready with fresh ideas for breakfast and lunch for their children can perform at its best? To help increase your breakfasts and jazz up your meals, our pediatrician Westchester Health Pediatrics Lauren Adler, MD has written a great blog full of advice and easy suggestions healthy to feed the bodies and minds of their children so that they are ready to think and learn.

meal ideas school that increase energy levels and brain power of his son

food is fuel for our bodies, writes Dr. Adler, and serves a healthy breakfast and packing a nutritious lunch to provide their children with the energy they need for the day school. Research shows that children who eat breakfast and healthy lunch are able to pay more attention in school and learn better than their peers.

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Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Everything starts with the first meal of the day: a quick, easy and plentiful way. Two of the favorite choices of Dr. Adler is an egg sandwich and a milkshake. (Recipes on his blog.)

lunch: an important way to reignite the engines of children

By the time lunch rolls around, the kids are hungry and tired. Again, they need a simple meal that will provide a combination of protein, whole grains and vitamins, says Dr. Adler. They have plenty of time to eat, so think of portions for easy consumption, child-sized.

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  • Making a “Bento Box”, a colorful and healthy lunchbox divided into several sections. Put baby carrots in a container, in other humus and grapes in a third. Or sliced ​​turkey and cheese, cherry tomatoes and whole grain crackers.
  • Instead of boring square sandwiches, use a cookie cutter and make fun shapes!
  • For dessert, skip the sweet high-calorie dessert and opt for fruit or grape cut into pieces. This will help your child avoid “sugar crash” after the “sugar high.”

The possibilities are endless!

To read the blog of Dr. Adler in full, click here .

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For more back to school tips, tricks and ideas to achieve our “ A Guide school: 10 Key things parents should know how your child returns to school , “written by our pediatricians WHP, by clicking here .

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