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Be careful! Fake Olive Oil is Literally Everywhere! How To Distinguish Original Olive Oil from the fake one?

Mar 31, 2015 | | Say something

…What are the benefits of olive oil? Olive oil is trusted much for their health benefits. It is a part of the Mediterranean diet, and used over a…

Coconut oil for diaper rash – The best home remedy for diaper rash

Mar 31, 2015 | | Say something

…closed container. Do not use after 6 months. coconut oil treatment for yeast infection diaper rash Yeast infection is caused by the fungus Candida allbicians. This fungus causes skin rashes…

10 reasons why olive oil is very good for your health

Aug 31, 2017 | | Say something

…common misconception that olive oil causes weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that olive oil can help in losing Weight . Olive oil keeps full longer and therefore reduces…

The best home remedies for tooth abscess

Nov 1, 2014 | | Say something

oil In a skillet, add a teaspoon of coconut oil. Heat it and then add teeth crushed 2-3 and fry for one or two minutes over low heat. Remove the…

Remove unwanted hair permanently in the country

Nov 4, 2014 | | Say something

…Half a teaspoon of powdered alum Two or three tablespoons of rosewater Olive oil or sesame oil (a few drops) cotton ball to apply Procedure: Add rose water for alum…

The hidden benefits of coconut oil for health and beauty

Nov 7, 2016 | | Say something

…until you can remove them completely. stimulate hair growth If you want long hair quickly, only coconut oil is applied to the hair roots. The process is almost the same…

How to choose the right massage oil

Jul 3, 2015 | | Say something

…to give maximum benefits to the skin. Olive oil This is widely used to massage babies, but can be used in adults too. Olive oil has proven to be a…

Control hair loss with these 5 herbal oils

Oct 8, 2017 | | Say something

…rubbed on the scalp, allowing the oil to penetrate. Leave for a few hours, preferably overnight and then wash with a mild shampoo. Olive oil can be expensive, but definitely…

Tips on using essential oils for oral health and toothaches

Apr 15, 2017 | | Say something

Tips on using essential oils for oral health and toothaches ; Oral health is a good indicator of the overall health of your body . People are so busy…

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