Here’s why your child should not sit on the W position

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Here’s why your child should not sit on the W position ; parenting-baby care tips-W sitting position is bad-THS

can be exciting for you to see your child sitting in a stable position during playback. However, do you think there are positions correct and incorrect seat for children as well? His muscles and bones are still in the development stage and care should be taken so that her little no difficulty faces to perform daily activities such as running, walking, cycling and even other activities that require motor skills. You should try to use different tricks to correct their child’s posture .

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The incorrect position of being for children

Of all the positions, the W-sitting position should be avoided. In this position, the kids sits at the bottom with your knees bent and feet tucked under and open to the side legs. This appears as a W and therefore is named. Children choose this position because it is very comfortable for them and gives them greater stability and keeps your hands perfectly free to play with toys.

Dr. Manish Mannan, Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon suggests that while this may feel like a very comfortable position for them, but persistent sitting in this position is which may be harmful to children. W living increases muscle tension and prevents children from rotating from side to side. Sitting in position W may have an adverse effect on certain muscles of the thighs and hips and not encourage children from distributing the weight on one side of the body to another, a skill that is necessary for walking, jogging, riding and other fine motor activities. Once the child gets into a particular habit, it becomes difficult to change; therefore, it is very important to teach your child to sit other ways like sitting cross-legged or with your legs in front of them.

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