How Focusing on your own habits improve your child’s options

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How Focusing on Your Own Habits Will Improve Your Child's Choices

Contributor: Sara Lappe, MD, MS, FAAP

Anyone who has flown in a plane has heard the safety instructions to put on your own oxygen mask before helping another passenger. Why is it so necessary? Because parents should be able in order to help your child. If parents are deprived of oxygen, they will suffer before they can help others.

The Security Council can also be applied to everyday life, especially for parents. Not only parents should remember to take good care of themselves for their own health, but also need to be healthy in order to take good care of their children.

Our children learn from our actions. They learn the good and bad, while paying attention to how parents navigate the world.

habits parents can significantly influence the perception of the habits of a child so that you do not normally consider. Always remember to take care of yourself and give a good example, because your child will naturally follow their positive actions.

Here are some ways to model good behavior:

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1. The lights go out together

A recently published study in the journal Pediatrics found that sleep deprived parents believe that their children had worse sleep quality and quantity of what they actually do. poor sleep habits often begin with parents and children reach, leading everyone in the house is fatigued.

If you stay up late watching television or playing on the computer, your child is likely to want to join you. To improve your child’s sleep, try to create a healthy routine for yourself first. Set a target of bedtime and stick to a routine that helps you get to bed then.

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2. Combat stress the right way

How do you react in stress Do you start to yell and scream or ignore the situation? Do you try to develop a plan to fix it? How you eat when stressed, or you go for a walk and get some fresh air?

When parents are stressed, they are likely to be less tolerant of the child’s needs, which can result in poor behavior.Find a method that helps eliminate stress, perhaps a method that can even including children.

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Try 10 minutes of yoga family before children go to bed, take the kids for a walk, put on some music and dance, play ball or discuss the situation as a family. Always remember to focus on the positive in your day – what you did well today? What have you accomplished? Take your time at dinner ask each person about something he or she did well that day one can see the positivity will become contagious.

3. Limit electronics

Many parents in my office frustrated when your child refuses to put away the screens, always focusing on game and TV. Addiction to social networks, games and videos has been increasing in both adults and children.

As a result, adults are suffering the consequences of decreased work productivity, distraction when around other people – including children -. And sleep deprivation

Gradually try to reduce their dependence on their electronic equipment and see if you notice an improvement with work and relationships. As a bonus, you will be a good example for your child.

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4. Encourage healthy eating habits

All we know that vegetables are good for your health. Adults often go through similar battles, like children when it comes to new foods. Many families express concern for their young children do not eat vegetables – but they should be eating them, too

Studies have shown that if parents begin to eat healthier, children are likely to follow. Many adults use their children as a motivation to make a change, and vehicles can be a great place to start.

add some colorful vegetables and greens on your plate at least once a day to give a positive example for their children and their eating habits.

Use these tips not only for the best care of your children but yourself, too.

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