Open letter to all parents who send their child to school sick

Jun 20, 2016 | | Say something

Open letter to all parents who send their child to school sick ; Sick kid

Last year, I saw a woman give a bottle of paracetamol with your child’s teacher first grade and ‘educate’ her to give the child if that fever . Not only do I think it was fine, actually his “sick” son had the nerve to complain in our mothers WhatsApp group on the bad day was at school. I want to ask her and all the other parents who do this: What are you thinking

Dear Parent

How the idea of ​​sending a child to school febrile is even justified? Do not you know you should wait 24 hours after the fever spell ends before sending them to school? To simplify things for you, this is what happens when a sick child to school is sent :. If you have an infection, other children are likely to get and the vicious cycle continues until your child is sick again

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Why invite infection and again? Not to mention putting your child through all that discomfort. Why? I heard all their arguments about how you’ll feel better once you get to school or how you think it is not serious. But seriously, the other children and teachers are not responsible for making her feel better. That’s not their job. Lower air conditioning, so stop coughing or cleaning up after vomiting or give your medicine every 4 hours it is not what they are there for. No, let me explain it to you: You have not paid the heavy school fees to ensure this. Read to learn more about 10 things you should do when your child has a fever

Yes, the school must provide treatment and emergency first aid if you fall ill at school. Then, you should pick it up soon after receiving a call from the school. Soon it means as soon as possible for you to get to school, not a time after you’re done with work or after an hour ‘coz it is near closing time school.

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So the school does not have a zero tolerance policy lice, but does that mean you should throw common sense and basic human decency out the window?

In what area of ​​your brain is not a tick that allows you to distribute a lice infection It’s time we do some humiliating lice to parents who have no conscience. This calls for intolerance and better start practicing this brand of intolerance for all diseases and conditions highly contagious. Especially when parents think it is okay to send children who have measles or chickenpox school. If you have done this and not squirming however, that squirm me: There’s a reason children below 12 are not allowed in hospitals. And if you’re the kind of parent who thinks it’s okay, ignoring the rules of the hospital and extend the same logic to the school, this year I’m out of shame and hope the rest will join me.

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But what if my child does not have communicable disease , you may ask?

Do you really think that a sick child will learn a lot cojonudo on that day or that lack of a day or two, your budding genius lose the opportunity to be the next wunderkind? STOP tormenting the child, I say. We say mother knows best, but actually a kindergarten or elementary child should not be in school just because you do not want to care for a sick child / need them out of your hair / have something important in row that day!

I hope you share this letter in your FB page today to stop this silent epidemic of this academic year.


A refers MOM

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