What to eat before exams – diet tips expert to help children a good score

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What to eat before exams – diet tips expert to help children a good score ; exam diet

The tests are just around the corner and preparations are in full swing. As a parent, you are bound to be concerned about the continuous preparation of their children and their health. In order to help them perform their best, it is important to eat a proper diet nutrition is also a contributing factor in how well you do on tests. We asked to consult a dietitian and nutritionist naturopath Dhvani Shah for the winning formula that can make your child’s class champions.

Importance of proper diet

Children are often under stress during exam time as they have to study for longer hours and work well for a good score. All this can be daunting for them and if they eat unhealthy foods, which are not only likely to fall ill, but also feel tired and sleepy during the day (even during the test). As a parent, you can guarantee that this will not happen.

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says Dhvani, “Food is of vital importance for the development of the brain. The brain is at maximum stress during exams because of the long hours of study, the pressure to remember information and good performance in the exam. Eating well helps reduce stress, calm nerves, keeps the light and active body, prevents drowsiness and keeps the cells well nourished brain to improve memory. “ Click these 10 changes in diet their children at the beginning of examinations.

Foods to eat before exams

Foods that are good for children to have before their exams are those who have a low GI or glycemic index. This is because this is not going to shoot up their levels of blood sugar very quickly and avoid the delays during the examination. They also have to be high on the meter nutrition. According to Dhvani, the following foods are good:

  • Nuts
  • shakes
  • sandwich vegetable cheese
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is the traditional ‘Dahi-Chini’ or curd with sugar in a healthy choice?

‘curd is an excellent food during exams. Add sugar to the curd (as tradition) helps calm the nerves, provides a sustained release of energy and keeps the brain active. A better alternative would be the addition of fruits and nuts yogurt (beaten), as they provide additional vitamins and minerals’ reports Dhvani. combat stress test with these tips.

Foods to avoid before exams

There are certain foods that should definitely be avoided before exams because they can make children feel sleepiness during his papers. This will prevent them from achieving their optimum potential which can result in poor rating. To ensure this does not happen, Dhvani suggests avoiding foods containing simple, high sugars into fat, preservatives. These include foods such as:

  • packaged fruit juices
  • Junk food such as pizza, burgers
  • fried foods such as samosa , chips, etc.
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These foods can damage brain cells, causing anxiety / nervousness too. It is better to give homemade baby food, as they are also hygienic and avoid the risk of stomach ailments. Aside from the food, make sure your child drinks enough water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Also read these tips for kids to improve concentration .

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