Who are raised by same-sex parents have “no negative impact” on children

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A new study revealed that children raised by same-sex parents are experiencing “no difference” in a range of social and behavioral outcomes compared with children of heterosexual parents or individual. Read: Children of same-sex parents “ better than their heterosexual counterparts

“As same-sex marriage has been debated in courts throughout the country has been the lingering question about the effects of raising the same sex in children, “said lead author Jimi Adams, an associate professor in the department of health studies and behavior at the University of Colorado, Denver.” I wanted to analyze the research in recent decades to determine whether there was a consensus among researchers that effect. I found overwhelming evidence that scientists agree that there is no negative impact on children of same-sex couples. “

the study that appeared in research in Social [19459018Science] provides evidence against the idea that the children of same-sex couples are disadvantaged. the research assumes significance as it comes at a time in which the Supreme Court of the United States is determining whether the Constitution requires equal marriage. By examining thousands of peer-reviewed articles that refer to the same-sex parenting citation patterns in the work of other researchers, Adams found that more often than not, the items began to quote the same research that supported the conclusion of “no difference”. Read: same- less likely sex to report domestic violence because of fear

To determine if and when it had reached a scientific consensus, Adams systematically examined networks subpoena to find changes in content. In 1990, developing consensus among researchers on the effect of same-sex parenting and in 2000 found that researchers had reached an ‘overwhelming’ consensus on the issue was found. ‘The approach can provide clues to an accessible and objective measure of scientific consensus for application to a number of legal issues. “Read: No Indian substitute, if you’re gay, single or single

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