You can take cold drinks during lactation give the baby a cold?

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You can take cold drinks during lactation give the baby a cold? ; parenting-cold beverages during breastfeeding-THS

Not only during pregnancy ; new mothers get diet of all sects of people advice, even during lactation and some of them have no scientific basis. One of these tips that comes to most mothers, especially the elderly, is not to drink cold drinks during lactation because it could lead to cold in children . Well, that’s not all are also advised some women not take a bath of cold water which could also end in a similar fate . Now, let’s say that these tips have no rational explanation.

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No, not telling just out of nowhere, in fact, Dr. Raghuram Mallaiah, director of neonatology, Fortis Le Femme clarified this myth during LactoClave 2016 organized by Medela stating that “if the mother takes cold drinks during breastfeeding that does not harm the baby or give a cold This is because,. viral infection does not get transmitted through breast milk, however, yes. the mother has to pass on an infection to the baby that is transmitted through droplets of body fluids and the virus is transmitted to the baby, even before symptoms are visible to the mother. “in fact, there is no reason for a mother does not breastfeed if you have a cold or cough that would not change the composition of their milk. Probably the only time that a mother can not breastfeed your baby if you have to undergo surgery because of a medical emergency.

So this puts things in perspective, there is no relationship with the consumption of cold liquids and change in the composition of milk. The only thing a mother should consider is drink plenty of fluids during breastfeeding as it helps provide milk impulse . Apart from this, a high-protein diet is all that needs a mother during breastfeeding. However, there is no need to eat too much protein during lactation only an extra 400 calories is enough to take care of your needs. And yes, it takes a glass of cold lemonade on summer evenings will not hurt a nursing mother or your baby, you can be sure.

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