Stem cell therapy ‘could reduce symptoms of Parkinson’

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Stem cell therapy 'could reduce Parkinson's symptoms'

promise of a new stem cell treatment has shown in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease .

researchers from Harvard Stem Cell Institute at McLean Hospital affiliated with the university implanted dopamine-producing neurons derived from skin cells of primates, which survived for more than two years after implantation in one of animals and the marked reduction in symptoms of his Parkinson.

induced pluripotent stem cells in the experiment were used

. This technique involves the use of one’s own skin cells from a patient to create stem cells and then neurons, so they do not recognize the new dopamine-producing neurons as foreign and rejects.

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“It is very difficult to get cell survival in primates,” Professor Ole Isacson, who has been honing his experiments for over 15 years said. “This is a very high bar to clear.”

added that this experiment marked “the first time an animal has recovered to the same level of activity it had before.”

After treatment, the flow speed and agility levels were the same as those of an animal without the condition, although individual movements still reduced by the disease.

the last experiment involved implanting neurons on one side of the brain of the animals, which leads to improvements on the opposite side of the body, as expected.

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positive results were observed only in an animal because the experimental protocols evolved and improved over time.

Originally, neurons derived from embryonic stem cells were used in experiments. This requires the use of immunosuppressive drugs in animals and did not produce the results which were as positive as the most recent study, which does not require immunosuppression.

Current treatments for Parkinson’s disease include drugs, electrical brain implants and in a limited number of cases, fetal neurons transplants.

symptoms of the disease include slowed movements, tremors, muscle stiffness, speech changes and loss of autonomous movement.

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