15 errors after a caesarean to avoid

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15 errors after a caesarean to avoid ; Pregnancy-C section-THS

Not many expectant mothers like to hear the word caesarean or they are in favor of it. But sometimes a cesarean section is inevitable, especially if there is a risk health of the mother and baby . The same thing happened to me when my water bag broke before it began labor pain (and even after induction of labor, the pain stopped halfway) took me to the AT for a caesarean. I never wanted but it was for the sake of my baby that he accepted the suggestion of the doctor, but I have operated. However, I realized recover from a Caesarean takes time and there are few rules you must follow to speed up the process:

1. Once the catheter is removed, try to move around so you can ( take the help of hospital staff if necessary). Trust me; this, in fact, accelerate recovery rather than being in the hospital bed. However, you will not be able to move the point of doing it slowly, you may feel dizzy and dizziness. This is what to expect after cesarean.

2. When allowed to use the bathroom, do not ignore the call of nature as this could result in trauma to the incision. Even if you have to get out of bed numerous times, do that. He struggled to get up and walk, but it must be done.

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3. It is possible to be in IVs for at least two days after delivery and would not be allowed to eat anything. However, when you can not start gorging on hot sauce and brownies. A caesarean often gives your digestive system a jolt; heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux is the last thing you want to deal with. Adhere to the staple dal-chawal .

4. Avoid lifting weights. Apart from raising your baby, you should never lift heavy objects that can put pressure on the scar. Follow this rule, even after two weeks of high, because the internal healing takes its own time.

5. Do not try to start exercising right after delivery. Wait until your doctor gives you the OK. It’s not very nice to wear the same clothes maternity even after delivered, but wait until you can fit into your jeans new design. abdominal pressure too soon can be dangerous and can lead to bleeding. Instead, try walking with her baby in her arms or pushing the stroller in the park, which will be sufficient activity. You can, however, exercise with your baby these tips.

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6. Do not use the maternity belt to reduce the abdomen. The abdomen shrink back to size alone. The use of a maternity belt can increase your chances of suffering from a hernia later.

7. Take real good care of your incision. Follow all aftercare procedures recommended to you by your doctor. Avoid taking a hot bath or shower until it heals completely.

8. Work in a comfortable position to sleep. Even after the stitches are cut and the healing process has begun may not be able to lie on his back as he could greatly pain. You may still have to sleep on their side.

9. Place the crib or baby crib near your bed so it is comfortable for you. This will reduce the pressure on the incision whenever the child wakes and cries for food.

10. Try to avoid constipation . Staying hydrated enough. With the incision follows the healing of pressure on the abdomen may be fatal.

11. Do not avoid breastfeeding simply because it gets uncomfortable to sit for too long with your baby. In fact, for many reasons breastfeeding is good for your baby and accelerates the healing process. If you are breastfeeding enough, do not prevent a feeding could also lead to mastitis, congestion and other issues.

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12. Go slowly with sex. Even if your doctor says you have to take precautions during the first six weeks, it may take longer to get into the mood and regain strength. Talk to your partner about it and instead try other ways to build your link caresses, talking nothing may do the trick.

13. Never ignore symptoms such as fever, headache and nausea, while his scar still is healing. As could be a sign of infection.

14. Avoid using pain killers on your own. You may be in a course given by your doctor painkillers after surgery, not self-treated with analgesics, once the course is completed. If you are breastfeeding, this could be dangerous. Talk to your doctor if the pain persists even after six weeks of recovery.

15. Accept your scar. Your body may not be the same after caesarean section, but love yourself even more and accept his scar. Remember that this scar is what makes a mother after all.

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