5 Things that could make worse the pain of childbirth

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5 Things that could make worse the pain of childbirth ; The first phase of labour

While it is a blessing to be a mother, work can be a real headache. And for women who choose to be brave and go for a natural birth without the help of pain relief, labor pains can be unbearable. However, there are times when some simple things done in the wrong way can worsen the pain.

Here are five things not to do when in labor in order to relieve pain.

Lying on your back: This will work against gravity and not with her. When contractions are intense the uterus begins to contract and the baby is pushed down. So lying on your back would mean a greater effort to the uterus and more pain for you. In addition, the full weight of your baby and uterus on your back pain will worsen. His back is raised when in labor to help get started. If this position hurts you, take a break and lying on their sides for two minutes. But never be on his back throughout the work. Here are nine practical tips to help you go through a natural birth.

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Fear of work: Everyone told her labor pains are horrible. Yes they are. There is no way you will experience that when there is pain, no matter what pain relief or hypnobirthing or any other technique you try. But fear makes your body tense, rigid and stressed. All this makes the pain worse. the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits the production of oxytocin is also secretes the hormone that initiates labor. The result: a lot of work and unimaginable pain. Here are five ways to counteract back pain during childbirth.

Shallow breathing: This automatically follows fear. Usually, when you have fear, you breathe from the chest and abdomen no. Abdominal breathing consciously try taking a deep breath and holding a second before exhaling. More oxygen is taken, the more relaxed your body and is more than capable of fighting pain. In addition, oxygen will help produce more oxytocin to help move labor. Here they are four breathing exercises every pregnant woman should do.

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Dehydration: The lack of water or fluids in your body gets tired soon. Dehydration can also make it difficult for the uterus to contract and relax. While you may not be able to drink or take anything, a few sips of water or suck on ice chips you can still do well. The calming effect and help relax again little energy to continue their work. This is Therefore it is necessary to drink water during your pregnancy.

fetal position: Now this is something you can not do much about it. fetal position during labor is also one of the reasons tremendous pain. Some babies tend to be in a posterior position during labor that is your spine is opposite to the spine of the mother. During a natural birth this position causes the painful work and takes a toll on the back. As a precaution, talk to your doctor about fetal positioning and how it will affect their work. If your baby is not aligned with cervical weeks before delivery, ask your doctor to help you exercises and specific techniques to correct the position . If your pregnancy without any complications, fetal position can be corrected before delivery.

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