8 expert advice on how to deal with lower back pain after pregnancy

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8 expert advice on how to deal with lower back pain after pregnancy ; Back pain after pregnancy

Back pain postpartum is common in mothers, but for some, the pain can last a while, especially those who have had a caesarean section (C-section) delivery. After childbirth, some women have severe back pain that radiates from the sacrum, the upper buttocks, and hips. According to Dr. Anandani, Head – clinic operations, Qi Spine Clinic , ‘During pregnancy, the growing uterus expands and weakens the abdominal muscles. This causes a change in posture that overloads the back muscles. While it is common to have some back pain after childbirth, the pain should diminish ideally within a few months. “If it is not resolved by itself, there are ways to cure and even prevent the problem with these simple tips

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Tip # 1:. postpartum, its position in performance and feeds your baby can also affect your back. therefore, it is essential to start exercising to strengthen the muscles around the spine and increase flexibility. Dr. Anandani says, ‘Choose a form mild exercise, such as walking, pilates or yoga

Tip # 2: Do not turn and rotate your body when you are raising your baby. Body muscles and back may not be ready for the strain of such intense movements.

Tip # 3: A simple exercise you can do in the comfort of your home is squatting without using upper body support. To rise from the squat using your leg, back and stomach muscles.

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Tip # 4 :. A few days after birth, start with 15 minutes of stretching to restore tone your abdominal and back muscle

Tip # 5 :. Use a ‘leading group’ (a carrier for your baby can strap on the front of your body) take the baby when you’re walking

Tip # 6: never take your child on her hip as the natural curvature of the back and spine it puts undue pressure on back muscles


Tip # 7 :. Avoid bending over the baby while you breastfeed, as it weighs on the upper back, rather bring your baby closer he / lifting her in his arms

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Tip # 8: Change diapers and baby clothes while you put him / her on a table or surface that is at waist height. If you have to bend at a lower level, try to bend the knees while keep your back straight.

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