Breastfeed and immunize their babies to reduce their risk of ear infections

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The highest rates of breastfeeding , the use of vaccines and lower rates of smoking mothers have reduced rates of ear infections during the first year of a baby, a new study finds. ‘Prolonged breastfeeding was associated with significant reductions in both colds and ear infections, a common complication of the cold, “said lead researcher Tasnee Chonmaitree, professor at the University of Texas in the United States.” It is likely that medical interventions in recent decades, as the use of vaccines against pneumonia and flu decreased smoking and helped reduce the incidence of ear infections, “he said. Ear infections in young children who are under six months of age they are at increased risk for recurrent infection later in life. (Read: 10 things you should NEVER do while breastfeeding )

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The results, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that rates of ear infection was reduced from 18 to 6 children percent in three month from 39 to 23 percent in a month and six children from 62 to 46 percent in children aged one year. For the study, 367 infants under one month of age were investigated from October 2008 to March 2014, until their first birthday. Samples mucous membranes of the nose and throat of the equipment collected throughout the study to seek and identify infections and gathered information on family history of ear infections, exposure to cigarette smoke and breast versus formula feeding . (Read: Breastfeeding versus bottle feeding – what is best for the baby )

Parents notified whenever your baby showed no sign of an ear infection or upper respiratory tract infection, which is the common cold. “We have clearly shown that frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract, transportation of bacteria in the nose, and lack of breastfeeding are risk factors for ear infections, ‘Chonmaitree said. Acute otitis media, or ear infection, is one of the most common childhood infections, the leading cause of visits to physicians for children and the most common reason children take antibiotics or surgery (Read:. World Breastfeeding Week 2015: 8 ways breastfeeding maintains the health of the mother )

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