Here is a reason that should require paid maternity leave from their employer. Study says that improving infant health

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Longer and maternity leave can reduce the stress level of the new mother which leads to better child health, scientists including an Indian origin researcher has found. For each additional month of paid maternity leave it offers in low- and middle-income, reducing child mortality by 13 percent. “A significant number of countries where the vast majority of maternal and child deaths occur provide less than 12 weeks paid leave to new mothers, ‘said lead author Arijit Nandi McGill University in Canada.” Our findings suggest policies maternity leave paid are an instrument potential to reduce preventable child deaths, even in countries where they are less likely to be working in the formal economy women, “said Nandi in an article published in the journal PLoS Medicine . (Read: Revealed – 42 percent of women quit her job to nurse )

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The finding is the first time that research has examined the impact of paid maternity leave on infant mortality in low- and middle-income countries. Previous work has shown that paid time is consistently associated with lower mortality of infants under one year of age in high-income countries. Researchers analyzed approximately 300,000 children born in a period of eight years in 20 low- and middle-income countries – across Africa, Asia and Latin America. data with information on maternity leave policies of the government in these countries combined. (Read :. Indian women working in the private sector can finally enjoy a maternity leave of six months and a half )

The researchers found that the addition of only one month duration of paid leave prevents eight infant deaths per 1,000 live births, equivalent to 13 percent reduction mortality. Saving effect of the most important life to extend maternity leave with pay occurs during the post-neonatal period, when infants are aged from about one month to one year. “A woman taking time off from work at that point may be more likely to continue breastfeeding and to ensure that your baby receive vaccines – both of which are important factors in child health,” the authors noted. (Read: Hat tip to Flipkart for its new maternity policy )

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