Pregnancy month: Third month of pregnancy

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Pregnancy month: Third month of pregnancy ; Pregnancy scanning

The third month of pregnancy remains as an important milestone on the road to motherhood. Later this month, will hold the first trimester of pregnancy and leave behind some of the persistent symptoms like – morning sickness, nausea and fatigue. This is an ideal place to meet all your needs month – the choice of hospital, detailing a birth plan, planning maternity leave to have a healthy pregnancy and planned ahead. In addition, some of the most important tests such as the NT scan and we must now do the test triple marker to determine fetal well-being. Here they are all important evidence to be submitted during the first quarter.

What happens to your body during the third month

Weight gain: At the end of the first quarter that could have won anywhere between one and three kilos. In some rare cases, it can also go up to four kilos. While weight gain during pregnancy is a good sign, excess weight can be a cause for concern. In fact, it is advisable to follow a pattern of diet and proper exercise to keep your weight under control. Here is all you need to know about weight gain during pregnancy.

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uterus Pando: At the end of her first trimester your belly bulges out a bit. However, it would still not give any clue about her pregnancy. There would be a slight bulge in the abdomen, just above the pubic area as fetal development is at its peak.

Frequent urination: The bulging uterus would be putting pressure on the bladder, which would send a need to urinate more frequently. Remember, this symptom can be persistent until the end of her pregnancy.

Constipation and heartburn: Due to hormonal and physiological changes ascents and descents different, you may also suffer from frequent bouts of constipation and heartburn. The best way to deal with this is to have foods rich in fiber to help prevent constipation. To cope with heartburn, have six small meals a day, spaced at regular intervals to avoid heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux. How to treat constipation during pregnancy.

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Dizziness: At the end of the third month you may feel dizzy at times. This is due to the hormone “progesterone” sends more blood to your baby in the womb, in turn slow down the process of returning blood to the system of the mother, therefore, the symptom.
Apart from these symptoms, may also suffer from bouts of morning sickness, nausea, aversion to certain smell and fatigue.

The development of your baby

form Joints: The joints shaped limbs, allowing your baby to fold hands and legs on elbows and knees, respectively. Bones and cartilage are also forming, strengthening the skeletal system of the baby.

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are formed tooth buds :. Tiny Buds of milk teeth are formed under the gums this month onwards

swallowing reflex develops: floating in amniotic fluid, your baby has also begun to swallow it. This practice will help your child survive once outside the womb during lactation.

brain-body coordination happens: add More nerve cells in the brain now. The brain also starts to control the movements of the arms and legs, therefore tighter, fists opening limb movements are noticed in the fetus on ultrasound.

Congratulations you have completed the first trimester of pregnancy!

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