What men would if they were pregnant? (Video)

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What men would if they were pregnant? (Video) ;

Huggies Video
Pregnancy is a phase that every woman should go through life once. It is a sweet pain. Today, it is not only women who carry the task alone, they are also supported by their partners. But they can never experience what women are going through and how the baby growing inside them responds to different things. In order to fill this gap, Huggies has created a belt for expectant to feel the kicks of their babies parents. This belt is linked to a similar film, which is tied into the belly of pregnant mothers.

These belts, now is not for sale, were only part of Huggies project for the Latin American audience. Emotional reactions after feeling the kick ranged from shock, laughter to tears in the eyes of prospective parents. Eventually it was an experience of a lifetime! Here’s the video:

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Video source: Filippo Solimena / YouTube

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