Why do I need a tetanus vaccine during pregnancy?

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Why do I need a tetanus vaccine during pregnancy? ; Pregnancy-tetanus-THS

There are several tests and precautions to take during pregnancy . They are asked women to such a precautionary measure to take is a series of tetanus shots during second quarter of her pregnancy. The tetanus or toxoid TT vaccine is administered during pregnancy with the sole purpose of you and your unborn baby safeguarding the risk of tetanus. Remember, Tetanus is a potentially fatal bacterial disease caused by the toxin of a bacterium called Clostridium tetani.

Why is this considered a major vaccination during pregnancy?

Tetanus affects the nervous system of a person and can be fatal. However, vaccines can help prevent this deadly disease. The antibodies formed in the body after vaccination the child to give protection in the womb and also for a few months after birth is transmitted. The tetanus bacteria enter the body through an open wound as a cut, burn, ulcer or due to a puncture or scratch. It is always better to take precautionary measures to prevent the lethality of tetanus infection.

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How many injections of the vaccine are given to pregnant mother?

Ideally, the doctor may ask you to take a tetanus vaccine during the second trimester of pregnancy, and you might need two doses of the vaccine. The second shot would take four weeks between the first shot. Sometimes a booster dose is also advised by the doctor during third quarter as well. However, only be decided by the doctor or the doctor what is good for you.

is an optional tetanus vaccine?

No, it is not. In fact, it is a compulsion to take the vaccine to protect yourself and your child from bacterial infections. Remember that during pregnancy your immunity is low and thus skip a tetanus shot can be somewhat risky. If a cut or wound during pregnancy is of and has not take the shot you may need immediate medical attention.

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