Bruised Toenail

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a bruised usually termed as subungual hematoma, which means blood under the nail. a bruised usually occurs when a person suffers from an injury inside the nail. Injuries to a bruised result in patches of black or dark blue toenail. These spots occur as a result of the accumulation of fluid and blood in the nail plate which can be very painful at times. In most cases it bruised accompanied with swelling.

a concussion can occur due to various reasons like rigorous running that puts pressure on the feet, thereby causing damage under the toenail. Some other causes include injuries, long fingernails and wearing type uncomfortable and bad shoes. Usually bruised nail is not a serious disease and can be cured easily.

Symptoms of a Toenail Bruised

Signs and symptoms of nail bruised foot are:

  • the affected area is discolored. It turns dark blue or black in color.
  • A person with a bruised foot nail may experience extreme pain in the affected area. Sometimes it can be boring.
  • inflammation


The causes of nail bruised foot are:

  • injuries: may cause damage to the toenail due to an accident or some other reason which in turn leads to a nail bruised foot. Ballet dancers, usually, is said to suffer from nail bruised foot because of its position pointed toe during the dance.
  • Long nails: If the nails are long and untrimmed, the nail touches the tops of shoes. continuous rubbing of the nail against the seam of the shoe can also result in bruised nail.
  • Trauma: recurring trauma or foot injuries can cause bruised nail. This can happen due to activities such rigorous exercises, running, etc. All these activities puts pressure on the toes and lead to internal bleeding.
  • The use of an incorrect type of footwear: Wearing shoes that are too tight can put excess pressure on the feet; this in turn can lead to bruised nail.
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Some other causes are:

  • If an athlete playing games like football kicks the ball continuously but can also result in injury to the toenail .
  • running downhill is also another cause of bruised nail. In the downhill race, the big toe is being pushed against the shoe and cause injury to the nail.

Treatment of nails bruised feet and healing time

If internal bleeding occurs due to injury of the toenail, the following steps should be considered and followed:

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  • The nail has to be bandaged for about an hour or more.
  • In order to stop bleeding foot should be placed in an elevated position.
  • The injured foot nail should not be removed. It should be left as it is because the damaged nail will help the new nail to grow in the right area.
  • The treatments are based on the level of pain, and if it is serious or not.
    • Severe pain occurs when blood or fluid build up under the toenail. In this case, a doctor / podiatrist should be consulted quickly.
    • A medical expert will first make a hole in the affected area to remove the accumulated fluid under the toenail part. This relieves pain and reduce swelling.
    • Sometimes fluid collects in access. In such a situation, the entire nail has to be removed and medications such as ibuprofen, are prescribed to relieve pain. It takes about 6 months for the new nail to grow.
    • If severe pain, nails bruised feet can be cured if handled with care and some precautions listed below does not occur:
      • toenails can be cut short
      • feet can be soaked in warm salt water, followed by an antibiotic cream to keep away from infection.
      • The affected person may wear larger shoes and using mattress pads to avoid rubbing against shoes nails.
      • If the nail turns black, bruised nail will fall and the new nail grows in about 6 weeks. If the toenail has been loosened, it is advisable not to remove the nail, it will fall by itself and new nail will grow in about 6 months.
      • Some home remedies are as follows:
        • A fuller’s earth paste can be applied on the bruised part. This reduces pain and swelling.
        • Turmeric has properties that fight infections, so if turmeric is applied to the nail bruised foot that will help prevent the formation of any type of infection.
        • In the case of bruises continue for a long time and no reason is diagnosed, then it could be a melanoma. In such cases, doctors should be consulted immediately.
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The best way to avoid a nail bruised foot it is to opt for various preventive measures. Some of these are:

  • Avoid wearing shoes with lace, belt, and other luxury accessories. They can put pressure on the toenail.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes suitable type; this will help prevent injuries and trauma to the toenail.
  • regular trimming of nails and proper care can help keep away from the bruised nail.

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