Did you know that have these two holes in his lower back makes it really special?

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Have you heard of the dimples back / butt?

Yes, if you have these symmetrical notches in your body, you are in for a lot of luck, my friend.

Let me tell you the benefits of these divine holes …

People who are granted with holes Venus / Apollo is relatively easy to achieve an orgasm!

This is because the Venus holes provide good circulation and due to its strategic location in the pelvic area, culminating becomes easy.

Venus holes

Now, the bad news: You can get these holes with exercise

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They are located where two bones are connected and the pelvis are seen in people with this genetic predisposition or ligaments appropriate size. Therefore, it is not something you can “work their way”, unlike the abs. Also because they are located where there is no muscle!

is believed to be a sign of beauty, referring to Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty.

Therefore, if you have it, flaunt it and let everyone know that you are a champion in bed!

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