If he wanted to be with you I am with you

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is a difficult pill swallow. But the truth will heal your heart much faster than just letting it break again and again until finally face what he knew along anyway:

If I wanted to be with you, he would you.

There are a million possible scenarios here. It’s easier when he is a assh0le – selfish, thinking only of himself, used to make other jealous person, that by using, in general, bad treatment, the crushing without thinking, whatever. But it is much harder when he’s a good guy, and you still have to let it go. When you say you’re an amazing person, but just do not feel the same way it does. Or when he really likes, but do not think you’re the only one. Or when you just do not feel as strongly as you do and who wants to be honest. Or when it seems you can not make a decision and confused, still do not realize that just means you are afraid of hurting you, that feeling ‘confused’ just a milder form of time saying “no”. If he wanted to be with you, he would have had to make a decision in the first place. It would only be a response that was deeply in his gut.

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If He Wanted To Be With You He Would Be With You.

But regardless, if he is a wonderful guy or a assh0le or somewhere in between, this is about you, move on. Because no matter what the situation, no matter how well you have been treated or how much fun they had together or how well they got along, he does not want to be with you. And that is the truth. And that will be your lifeline for the next few weeks or months, no matter how much you do not want to hold on to it. It will eventually help you come to peace with the end of their relationship, or fizzling out of your adventure, or “just talk” after you spent so much time ‘talking’. It is the truth, and as ugly as it is, will be the only one who can help you move in:

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