The goodness of honey

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What could be more perfect than honey on toast breakfast? Besides its taste bud tickling property, honey has enough nutrients to throughout the day and get rid of that feeling of lethargy. Honey sweet flavor is ideal for keeping the level of glucose in the body, since it is instantly absorbed into the blood and gives a boost of energy.

Nature always blesses us with his miraculous products, and one of them is golden honey color. This sweet is available throughout the year and knows its best when harvested fresh, especially in Summers and fall. Honey is also known to be the best substitute for sugar, in fact, it should be replaced with sugar, when possible.

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It is believed

practice of beekeeping for honey production to be observed since 700 BC. In many cultures it is considered sacred and was used in religious ceremonies to praise the gods. It is used in the kitchen only by the rich, as in ancient times was very expensive and rare, and only a few people could afford. Finally, with the discovery of refined sugar in the world of cooking, the demand for honey and sugar fell it became cheap substitute for it.

The Goodness Of Honey

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