The mother had no idea why her baby was so sick.

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Despite having young children get sick is a normal part of parenting stress, which is about to hear in the video below is just awful! Having your child becomes ill, for no apparent reason, and have symptoms worsen over time instead of improving, it is the nightmare of any parent.

Penny Powell recently shared photos on Facebook, after a good friend of hers found out why her son had been chronically ill. The boy’s father, Simon, had a suspicion why his son was not improving, and that proved correct. Child ‘sippy cup’ had a peak leakproof, and when Simon inspected it, he noticed a horrible smell coming from it.

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Mother Had No Idea Why Her Baby Was So Sick.

This feature makes these glasses so convenient for parents, is sealed. When Simon beak open with a knife broke, he found something growing there that explains your baby’s disease … MOLD !!

His son had been drinking from a cup mold infested! Needless to stay I was disgusted, upset and scared about the welfare of your child. He took the pictures and when Penny posted on Facebook, other parents began to share the same thing. All had been using Tommy Tippee Cups.

company’s response to this finding was quite scarce, as heard in the video; I must say that there are several other manufacturers that have a similar design in which the beak closed, is a breeding ground for mold. Since mold can cause sinus infections, sore throat, asthma symptoms, and chronic eye and skin irritation, strongly recommended that any discarded cup is recommended.

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Please share this important health information with their friends and family on Facebook, to help prevent other children from exposure to this danger!

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