What you can do with a toothpaste

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You will be surprised to know how many benefits of an ordinary toothpaste can provide. You can start your toothpaste consider a “magic pipe” because the miracles it can do for you is just amazing.

The origin of the toothpaste goes back to the ancient Egyptian civilization when a mixture of myrrh, eggshells burnt, pumice, ashes of ox hull and water for the first time was used to keep teeth clean. The formulas achieved fame with the name of toothpaste in 1850. The first collapsible tube of toothpaste tooth was presented by Dr. Washington Sheffield in London in 1892. His son brought the idea of ​​artists in Paris who used oil paints in metal pipes. Later in 1896 the company Colgate and make collapsible tubes imitating Sheffield with the name of the tape Colgate toothpaste.

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toothpaste usage

The main function of the toothpaste is to maintain oral health; maintaining the cavities away and protects you from gum disease. We recommend brushing twice a day for at least 3 minutes. Agree! Simply using toothpaste to the teeth! It is a matter of time driving out of the bathroom and uses around your home. You do not know how?

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