26 Dips and sauces Guacamole better than to fight cancer, inflammation reverse Nutrients

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Healthy Dips Who does not love a good dip? Here is a list of the best and healthiest on the web sauces. You may just throw a dive so you can try them all at once! 26 healthy nutrients Dips and better than Guacamole to fight cancer, inflammation reverse


healthy recipes sauces List


vegetables. What we’re all told to eat, and reluctantly to fulfill. Unless you like vegetables, then these falls are for you. Even if you do not like vegetables these falls are for you! They are sauces! What more could you ask for? Carrots are full of antioxidants that benefit your cardiovascular system. Also, eating carrots helps your vision. This was never a myth. If that’s not enough to convince, carrots also have anti-cancer benefits (especially colon cancer). That’s just carrots. Vegetables help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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1-Garlic Artichoke and Kale Spread

2-roasted beet and Walnut Dip

red 3-pepper roasted Dip

4-roasted parsnip Hummus

5-nut Swiss chard and roasted garlic dip

vegetable Dip

6-roasted with Tahini

7-Moroccan-spiced roasted carrot Dip


8-mint pea Dip


Ah, legumes. What’s better than a bath full fiber from beans? Nothing. Chickpeas are in these recipes have a unique range of antioxidants that help support the cardiovascular system, lungs and nervous system. The fiber and protein in chickpeas help stabilize blood sugar and digestion support. Tahini, a paste made from ground sesame seeds, is rich in minerals and nutrients that help in detoxifying the liver, and helps maintain healthy skin and muscle tone. It’s high in protein, which is ideal for vegetarians or vegans looking to get their protein from non-animal origin. Tahini is easy to digest and helps you lose weight. What we do not like about these falls?

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9-cream Lentil Veggie Dip

-10 Black Eyed Pea Dip

11 healthy Layer Mexican Dip

12- Lemony white bean dip

13-traditional Greek Fava

14.05 Minute Black bean dip


avocado, avocado, avocado! “What to do for you?” You can ask. It should be done “What is not what you do?” Avocados are full of good fats, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that keep your heart pounding. Avocados also help control blood sugar, insulin regulation, satiety, and weight control. Do not be afraid of good fats from avocado. They will scare the bad guys away.

15-vegan avocado Ranch

16-Basil-Avocado Dip

17-creamy Avocado Salsa Verde

18-Mango Guacamole


the cashews in these sauces provide heart-healthy antioxidants. Copper in cashews help eliminate free radicals and build strong bones and connective tissues. Almonds lower bad cholesterol and protects against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Nuts are full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and prevent cancers from forming. The benefits of eating nuts is much greater than avoid them for fear of weight gain. A study has shown that people who eat nuts at least twice a week are much less likely to gain weight than those who do not! Do not hold back, go crazy!

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19-Cilantro Chile Almendra Dip

20-Raw Cashew Dip

21-Garlic Walnut Dip

22-Chipotle Almond Spread

23-Nut Raweseome Dip

24 Fiery cashew Dip


fool your friends to eat healthy with you so that you these two sauces healthy delicious desserts!

25-healthy Cookie Dough Dip

healthy 26-desserts Dip



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