NIH underscores the progress US towards curing Alzheimer

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NIH underscores the progress US towards curing Alzheimer ;


A new online report Institutes national Health ( NIH ) shows the recent advances in research on Alzheimer’s disease supported by NIH. Watch Director Dr. Richard J. Hodes submit the progress report of Alzheimer’s disease 2011-12 , then look for the report valuable information.

The Report Progress of Alzheimer’s disease in the intensification of research work in the United States, is prepared annually by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) at NIH .

the latest report is entitled “ progress report 2011-2012 Alzheimer’s disease. intensified research efforts ” It describes new investments and summarizes research in several areas:

  • prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease
  • biology of Alzheimer’s disease and brain aging
  • genes that may play a role in disease
  • risk factors for cognitive impairment and dementia
  • neuroimaging and biomarkers that detect and track the disease
  • translational research to identify and test new drugs
  • potential new therapies to treat, delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • care
  • gender and racial differences in the impact of Alzheimer’s disease
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Other features include a primer on Alzheimer’s disease and brain, tables listing the NIA-funded clinical trials, and videos that explain in more detail the critical areas study

Read online or download the free report :. Progress Report 2011-2012 Alzheimer’s disease: the intensification of research efforts

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