Five super foods that cure yeast infection

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Five super foods that cure yeast infection ;

5 Super FoodsThat Cure Yeast Infection Yeast infection is a common health problem among women . It is caused by a yeast called candida. Yeast infection can be a very uncomfortable infection that a woman has to endure the itching, discomfort and a burning sensation too. There are several that have to deal with this infection as well. However, it is more common in women because the humid climate of the vagina is ideal for the growth of Candida. Yeast infection occurs due to the overgrowth of yeast.

When a person is suffering from yeast infection in the genital area, its vaginal area becomes red and pain . A woman also begins to have a white discharge that looks like cottage cheese. Sex with your partner becomes painful when you are having yeast infection in the vagina. If you are facing all these symptoms, then you have a yeast infection.

Usually, women run a gynecologist to treat yeast infection. However, it is not necessary in most cases. You can cure yeast infection at home by eating certain foods. There are some super foods that cure yeast infection and are readily available in your refrigerator or kitchen . You might be wondering what these foods are and therefore that has scored for you in this article. Only by eating these foods, you are getting rid of yeast infection in no time.

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Super Foods that cure yeast infection


Believe us when we say that yogurt is the best home remedy curing yeast infection. It has been shown that yogurt helps cure urinary tract infection and yeast infection.


The good bacteria in yogurt Fights bad bacteria and helps get rid of symptoms related to yeast infection. You should consume yogurt that has live bacteria in it. Yogurt also helps in preventing yeast infections so that her vagina remains healthy and happy. You can add yogurt to your salad or have it as it is.


Bilberry is another great home remedy for treating yeast infection remedy. You can make cranberry juice that is easily available in the markets or can make fresh blueberry juice. The juice tastes great and also helps in curing yeast infection. Bilberry helps restore the good bacteria present in the vagina. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections.

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Garlic does wonders when it comes to treatment of infections or health problems. If garlic is introduced into your diet, you get rid of yeast infection as well. Acts as a natural antibiotic and also helps in preventing bacterial growth in the intestine and vagina .


How does garlic in curing yeast infection? Garlic fights bad bacteria in the vagina, which in turn helps in curing yeast infection. the good bacteria that keeps your healthy vagina is left intact.


Orange is rich in vitamin C, which helps maintain good vaginal health. Women who are deficient in vitamin C are more prone to fungal infections and therefore you should have plenty of oranges.


You can also has orange juice in order to cure yeast infection. Vitamin C found in oranges kills bad bacteria and provides an acidic environment in the vagina.


We have added this to the list of foods as this is something that everyone can have. Fish lovers can have fish that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as tuna, salmon or mackerel. These fish are rich in vitamin D and calcium . How do they help?

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People who eat less calcium are prone to fungal infections. If you have these fatty fish, you get relief from the symptoms of yeast infection. The swelling will go down and also gives relief from the burning sensation.

Food can actually help get rid of any kind of infection or disease. Diet plays an important role in our lives. If you eat good food, you will have a healthy body. It is important take care of their private organs in order to live free, happy and enjoyable life stress. Therefore, eating the foods mentioned above if you have a yeast infection. Care!

Caution: Use home remedies after proper research and guidance. You agree that you are following any advice at your own risk and will consult properly investigate or health care professional.

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