These 9 foods that can give you glowing skin

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These 9 foods that can give you glowing skin ; healthy-skin-food

To get glowing skin, which not only have to rub the best lotions and creams on the face; you also need to eat well. A balanced diet not only helps to keep fit, but also ensures that your skin stays healthy and radiant. Although you should eat everything in moderation, there are certain foods that promote glowing skin and that becomes part of your diet can do wonders for your complexion. Here are 9 such skin-friendly foods.

Citrus fruits

Its high vitamin C content, and adding that glow to the outer layer of the skin, also reduce the rate at which skin ages. Mild bleaching action of citrus fruit juices help in reducing skin pigmentation . They are also widely available and affordable. Having fresh squeezed lemonade, whole oranges and sweet lime (Mosambi) or add to salads. Try to avoid juices made since they have large amounts of sugar unwanted them. Here are 10 natural sources of vitamin C.


They are rich in vitamin E , which is the antioxidant most importantly it required for skin. Protect your skin from damage and premature aging of facial tissues. The best way to enjoy nuts and preserve all the health benefits is to eat them raw, unsalted skin. Of course, you can also add almonds, pistachios, cashews in salads or cereals. Even better you can eat raw for snacks. Here are the nuts you should savor.

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Green Tea

The anti-inflammatory properties found in green tea in are just amazing. Counted among the healthiest of all drinks green tea helps prevent or reduce the risk of skin cancer as well. Here are 6 more reasons to drink green tea . So a large thermos filled with green tea in the morning, and enjoy it all day – hot at first, on the ice later, if desired. Start today, and continue drinking green tea every day for the rest of the week.

yogurt / curd

Yoghurt has many healthy enzymes and add natural oils to the skin. It can decrease the size of the pores, a common nuisance to the skin, and can improve the texture of skin in general, but add a healthy glow to the skin. To make yogurt a staple in your daily diet it is recommended to replace mayonnaise and salad dressings with yogurt or ice cream and try to replace smoothie with frozen yogurt smoothie mixed fruit yogurt. You can also try these packages curd skin and hair.


berries help the body produce collagen that makes skin soft and smooth. Berries (especially blueberries) are loaded with antioxidant compounds that are highly effective in neutralizing free radicals caused by excessive UV exposure or other sources. Instead of relying on berries in baked desserts, eating raw berries is recommended because, like other fruits, green berries provide you with the best taste and the highest nutritional benefits.

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Sesame seeds

They are rich in vitamin E, which prevents damage from free radicals in the skin. Also they contain copper, which is necessary for the production of a particular type of antioxidant that protects the skin. Readily available in your store Kirana , you can start using it in your daily meals without effort. Add crunchy sesame seeds, roasted or steamed vegetables paneer , or stir fry or curry chicken. You can even add to the noodles, pasta or simply use it as a salad dressing. You can even add sesame seeds with dishes like dhoklas, kachoris or Wadas dal or sprinkle on various vegetables like til bhindi or Aloo Dum. may also include sesame oil in your beauty regimen.


For the latest anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting momentum, adding vegetables high in vitamin C, such as carrots your diet can greatly enhance its potential to protect and enhance your skin. They are high in beta carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for healthy skin.

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Indian gooseberry ( Amla )

has a very high content of vitamin C and is incredibly beneficial for the skin. It also supports the immune system and moisturizes the skin all at the same time. You’ll find it at any local fruit vendor. You can make a murabba [preparation of sugar syrup], either whole fruits or grated amla. It could also make a brine amla is tangy and spicy. In case you prefer a drink, you can choose Amlana, a fresh snack, or amla and ginger punch. Or try these amla packages for skin and hair.


Although the exact amount of water you should drink each day varies, no one disputes the role played good hydration to keep skin looking healthy and even young. When hydration comes from pure, clean water – not liquids such as soft drinks or soups – experts say skin cells rejoice. But water can also affect your skin. Read more …

try to incorporate at least some, if not all of these healthy potions in your daily meal and within a few days, you will definitely see the difference in your skin.

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