Mobile phones do not to the risk of brain cancer

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A new study has revealed evidence of a link between the use of mobile phones and brain cancer. This study was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology. Read: radiation smart phones do not cause cancer . However, their smartphone can ruin your metabolism .

The team of Australian researchers tracking the incidence of brain cancer in the population between 1982 and 2013. They found that there was no statistical evidence that supports the idea that using a mobile can cause cancer. During the period of 30 years, the results showed a slight increase in brain cancer among men, but a stable rate among women.

Lead author Simon Chapman says the stability observed in the incidence of brain cancer in Australia between 1982 and 2012 in all age groups except those over 70 years compared to the expected increase in modeled estimates, it suggests that the observed increases in the incidence of brain cancer in the older age group is unlikely to be associated with mobile phone use. “

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This study completely contradicts another who published it in the journal Pathophysiology in 2014 1.380 patients with malignant people without these tumors involved brain tumors. Phone use the then compared the two groups. people who reported using wireless or mobile phones from 20 to 25 years had a higher risk of being diagnosed with glioma or brain cancer compared with those who reported use for less than one year, found.However study, no relationship between wireless phones and malignant brain tumors was found, along with glioma, the study said.

the researchers then concluded that rates of brain tumors were three times more among the people, who spoke in the cell or cordless phones after more than 25 years than those who do not use Read 😕 mobile phones and health -. what is the true business

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