long-term use paracetamol ‘may increase the risk of stroke’

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Long-term paracetamol use 'could raise stroke risk'

The long-term use of paracetamol may increase the risk of stroke and attack heart, according to new research.

scientists in the UK, led by Professor Philip Conaghan the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine, reviewed eight existing studies that evaluated the association between long-term use of paracetamol and the main problems health among adults.

In two of these studies, a correlation between an increase in the relative frequency of mortality and increased doses of paracetamol when comparing patients who had received the drug and those who had not found .

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Four showed a link between the use of paracetamol and an increase in the rate of risk of cardiovascular problems, while one indicates an increased likelihood of gastrointestinal problems

The study, published in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, says:

However, a series “Based on the data presented believe that the real risk of prescription of paracetamol is higher than currently perceived in the clinical community..” experts have reacted cautiously to the study. Dr. Maureen Baker, president of the Royal College of GPs, said the express that most of the evidence suggests that acetaminophen is safe.

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