Treat other side of the brain could help stroke patients’

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Treating other side of brain 'could help stroke patients'

The treatment of the part of the brain affected by a stroke could help patients recover from the disease, according to a new study.

Most research focuses on the area surrounding the event of stroke, but a growing number of scientists are beginning to study the role of the other side of the brain to help recovery.

Growth factors released by endothelial cells on both sides of the brain protect neurons, help the patients recover and cause the growth of new blood vessels at the site of stroke, which requires blood and oxygen.

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This activity attracts endogenous stem cells, help create what scientists call a “niche regeneration” that can minimize stroke damage -. Even if new blood vessels never actually carry blood

The healthy side of the brain also benefits from these growth factors, and possibly an increased number of blood vessels, which means it could be ready to take more responsibilities.

“It is still unclear what is actually doing hemisphere,” said Dr. Susan Fagan, pharmacist stroke at the Medical College of Georgia and the University of Georgia in the US .. “Some people think it is only the removal of abnormal firing neurons in the damaged area. We believe it is a more active recovery. ”

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Dr. Fagan added that the other party might be taking some of the functions of the damaged hemisphere. fMRI images reveal these areas are illuminated more in the recovery phase after a few days of stroke.

Researchers at the University of Georgia Regents have found that increased expression of a powerful antioxidant – superoxide dismutase enzyme -. blood vessels enabled on the injured side to better control blood flow in a model of stroke rat

Superoxide dismutase is a natural antioxidant that can neutralize reactive oxygen species, of which a large number occur before and after stroke. These can kill cells directly and / or make self-destruct.

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Studies are also carried out on an experimental drug that appears to upregulate the protective mechanisms of the opposite side, including help restore control of blood flow, increasing the production of neurotrophic factors, and creation of new blood vessels, by manipulating the angiotensin receptor system.

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