Is it okay if your child drinks tea?

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Is it okay if your child drinks tea? ; parenting-toddlers drinking tea-THS

In many Indian families, offering tea to a child is a norm. It is believed that tea helps digestion enhances immunity fight against seasonal illness, whatever you want. Well, no doubt of benefits of drinking tea . But if you think that small children, like adults need to have tea to get the same benefits, you are probably wrong. Even adding more milk or offering tea cookies will not overshadow the harmful effects of tea on the health of the child. Here Dhvani Shah, naturopathic nutritionist and author of “Do not just feed … Nourish your son, ‘ says why tea is not a healthy drink for your child.

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Is harmful tea for babies and toddlers?

Tea is a drink for adults. In young children or even young children reactive substances in tea hinder calcium absorption results in malcalcification and calcium deficiencies . continuous intake of tea in young children can affect their brain, muscle, nervous system and structural growth. Some common side effects of having tea from an early age are:

  • Low bone density
  • Body aches, especially in the lower extremities
  • The lack of concentration leading to irritability and other behavioral disorders
  • Under muscle strength

Add more milk tea is best?

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Many mothers feel that adding more milk for tea preparation can help your child to drink milk without any problems and ensure better calcium intake. But I do not understand is that even a few drops of milk tea can spoil the benefits of milk. Caseins, proteins found in milk, form complexes with catechins present in tea, is most important flavonoids. These complexes exert ‘opium’ as the effects on the nervous system – ‘. Addiction to tea. “As the most common interpretation and addiction at any age is unhealthy

It is the combination of tea and a healthy cookies?

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This, especially for babies and toddlers is a deadly combination here’s why:..

  • Cookies added a load of additives to the morning meal for growing children, your 1st meal should include the growth and nutrient dense foods such as Poha paratha or even a bowl of cereal with milk.
  • excess sugars, color, flavor, flavors, urea, additives, preservatives biscuits affect muscles and nerves development

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