An overdose application could save your life

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An overdose application could save your life ;

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is never a good idea to use a substance alone, but not all situations of use is ideal. Unfortunately, death by overdose is much more likely when the user is alone, and this happens often. Often enough that Chris Oelerich created an application to help decrease the chances that this same situation. Oelerich enlisted the help of the community of users of opiates Reddit for information about how he could help drug overdose crisis.

The application works by the user assign a person as an emergency contact for receiving a simple text message in the case of overdose detected by the application. Before administration, the user sets a timer, maybe for a few minutes, when the timer is done and the user has not pressed the button to indicate that he or she is alert, the application will send a text to emergency contact immediately . The text will tell the contact that the user is in danger and needs help immediately.

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The application is called the remote timer egg came from users a Reddit suggestion, they wrote, “Can you call an hourglass or some remote s # $% ? Call mom when eggs are fried? references to your brain on drugs or some s * and @, but say nothing about drugs ?? This has to be in place !!!!!!!! ”

another Reddit user wrote: “I will completely download this and I’ll get my sister to so be good for times when we can not see each other..”

the application has been well received by most users, Oelerich the application would be able to detect the movement too. Another hope is to make the application compatible GPS so the text emergency contact also receives the exact location of the victim.

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