Reduce the stigma of Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Mar 22, 2017 | | Say something

Reduce the stigma of Bipolar Disorder Treatment ;

While 2.6% of Americans have bipolar disorder, is still extremely misunderstood relation to simple changes in mood or changes in thoughts / feelings. There is still a stigma against mental illness and although “Many people came out after the death of Robin Williams, and in general there is much more knowledge about mental illness, but most people still do not feel safe to talk abut their personal experiences. I think the more people come, the more the stigma will raise, but not easy. I will say for myself, however, that the output has made me feel stronger and more resilient infinitely more, “says the artist Ellen Forney, who brought her diagnosis of bipolar disorder to life in a memoir. Without the stigma, more people will feel comfortable search treatment of bipolar disorder .

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Read the full article and see some of the illustrations of Forney here >>>

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