Writing and healing go hand in hand

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Writing and healing go hand in hand ;

Whether you’re a man or woman teenager, writing can be your best friend. When it seems that everyone is on your back, when it seems that everyone knows who is holding something against you, or when you feel like no one is really getting that opens the notebook and can practically feel her complete acceptance of What are you.

it may sound a little corny, but it’s true. The thing is – the laptop will be nothing! No matter what you write, it’s not going to judge. It will not make faces. You will not be asked to quit. It is there for all the worst and best of their experiences. It is there to keep you all, their pain, their problems and their passions. Write it all out – whatever – it can be a kind of letting go as notebook listening and receives. Paradigma Malibu takes advantage of the benefits of Written adolescent therapy .

For this reason alone, writing can be curative. However, let’s take a look at a few therapeutic to write reasons.

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When sitting in a designated place every week or every day, writing can become a healing practice. Actually, it is not the writing that is healing; however, is the relationship built with oneself as a result of having a practice of writing. As you write your experiences, another part of that is listening and offering compassion and a hug. For example, the laptop is a place to be completely honest, access their emotions and open the heart. Every time you write, the heart opens more and more and develops some appreciation. It is a kind of recognition for himself, for the whole experience of being alive, for the process of looking inward, and to give himself on this special occasion to write.

And let’s face it – being a teenager is not easy. They are coming to their independence, singularity, and the role of adults who will play in life. However, doing this in the midst of other confused teenagers, family conflict, and the continuing need to hang on your childhood is the mountain climbs. Not to mention the presence of drugs, the pressure of new romantic relationships, and maintain good grades! It is a wild ride that is! There is a lingering sense of insecurity, pressure to fit into society, the need for acceptance, and social experimentation to do to find himself.

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This requires the practice of typing. During this essential stage of life to develop a strong identity and finding your direction in life, notebook and pen (or crayons and coloring) are practically essential.

In addition, writing can foster a sense of control. Since adolescence is often an experience in which the control feels just out of reach, writing about emotions and personal experiences can bring back some of that power. Through research and curiosity about emotions or experiences that bring they by riding on their energy. I explain.

Say a certain feeling comes inside. You can start to question it. Each time a bit like Socrates, you can be curious and ask some questions to the right with respect while feeling the intensity of emotion. You write out a consultation on the sadness, for example, because it feels good at the time. “Why do I feel so sad?” Perhaps one answer comes as: “I feel like this every time I am not true to myself.”

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With this type of questions, obtaining knowledge and befriend deep emotions, forms of relationship within. This is where true healing is! Loving yourself in the writing process is by far the most therapeutic to write right.

These are the forms of writing and healing go hand in hand:

  • develop a loving relationship with oneself
  • emotions Access
  • explore the world inside
  • evoke a sense of being heard and recognized
  • foster a sense of control
  • open the heart
  • develop confidence same
  • reveal inner depth
  • discover what is important – for you
  • breeding courage
  • build self-confidence
  • improve creativity
  • encourage spontaneity
  • invoke the imagination

the next time you are really feeling the intensity of being a teenager, pull some paper and A pen. Hit it. laptop was not achieved.

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