5 Important Vitamin B3 or niacin function Advantages and Health

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Niacin, or vitamin B3, has the function to help in curing a number of diseases in the body. In simple terms, vitamin B3 is one of the important vitamins for the body. Other benefits of vitamin B3 health is to maintain good blood circulation, maintain the condition of healthy skin to be strong, maintain normal brain function, improve memory, help the digestive tract to absorb enough carbohydrates, protein and fat, reduce the effects of arthritis and help restore the symptoms of schizophrenia. The most important benefits of niacin or Vitamin B3 is its ability to reduce cholesterol levels and control.

Among the food sources, niacin is found in milk, meat, poultry, fish, lean meats, nuts and eggs (see food vitamin B3 ). If you are vegetarian, you can eat peanuts, so it does not suffer from B3 niacin deficiency.Vitamin as at the beginning closely related to the disease pellagra, which is a type of skin disease and gastrointestinal disorders with symptoms of dermatitis (skin redness, rough skin, loss of appetite, fatigue), diarrhea and dimensional. To meet the needs of at least 3 mg per day, then someone will be protected against diseases and vice versa pellagra, deficiency of vitamin B3 in daily food intake, can lead to major health problems.

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Niacin in the field of medicine used to treat a variety of functions. With doses up to 500 mg per day, people with high cholesterol can lower LDL cholesterol to improve the condition of the body. Just bear in mind that niacin, and not the kind of derivatives niacimida they can. Supplements or drugs commonly used for general corporate purposes, which is the dose range of 250 mg or less, not enough for the number of cholesterol-lowering therapy.

Vitamin B3 or niacin benefits

1. Health skin, hair and nails
Because many modern women who deal with health appearance as the skin, hair, nails and then vitamin B3 is suitable for consumption. Circulation for healthy skin, vitamin B3 is also suitable for consumption. Even the skin may look brighter, longer aging process and delays in gray hair. Healthy skin, hair and nails are obviously very dependent synthesis of RNA and DNA. When the synthesis of vitamin B3 was assisted by this. So long nails can regulate or faster, as well as hair depends on your daily intake of vitamin B3.
2. Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (coronary)
Vitamin B3 as functions able to convert carbohydrates, fats, proteins energy. With the amount of power that has become fat prevents any excess cholesterol in the body. Someone will tend to move, think and do other activities if they have excess energy. Indirectly, this is what makes vitamin B3 can become a risk for the deduction of coronary heart disease.
3. Reduce cholesterol
Vitamin B3 is also able to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. This fact is rarely known by many people, since most cholesterol-rich foods are more enjoyable. Niacin or Vitamin B3 can reduce cholesterol levels in the body and also with the assistance of substances such as isoflavones to reduce cholesterol. Foods that can be consumed to reduce cholesterol and contains vitamin B3 is garlic, tea, grapes, apples, avocados, blueberries and fish. Cholesterol Naturally this can not be removed immediately. There must be habituation above foods that cholesterol levels in the body, could drop to normal.
4. Treatment of arthritis, diabetes, and acne
it turns out that the benefits of vitamin B3 has been so far able to cure arthritis, diabetes, and acne. Usually, niacin for treatment of the disease is not available above in the form of units of the vitamin. But there is already in the form of herbs that can be consumed safely and naturally. But if you do not want to take risks, to go to the doctor for the treatment of diseases of vitamins as above they will be given. The course of treatment with vitamin B3 or niacin is necessary to avoid generating excessive levels can interfere with the functioning of body systems.
5. important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates
Vitamin B3 plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates. carbohydrate metabolism is important because it can make it energy and power for the purposes of our daily activities. If ever the rice containing carbohydrates are not converted into energy, then easily tired and sleepy eaten. 5 Important Vitamin B3 or niacin function Advantages and Health , article source: http://www.gethealthiness.com/2015/01/5-important-vitamin-b3-or-niacin.html

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