Deficiency of vitamin B6 and the impact of diseases that can happen

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vitamin B6 deficiency is really very rare. Because many of vitamin B6 in natural food sources or processed to make the case of vitamin B6 deficiency is very rare. Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine. The main function of pyridoxine itself is to help the body’s metabolism and maintenance of the nervous system. It is more often the cause of vitamin B6 deficiency is not a person’s body to absorb vitamin B-optimal. So vitamin B6 that has entered the body consumed without profit and utility.

the causes of vitamin B6 deficiency as previously mentioned, a common cause of vitamin B6 deficiency in a person is because the body is unable to absorb vitamin B so optimal. Someone suffering indigestion is usually experienced by those who are elderly. What it is less able to absorb vitamin B6 in the body. Then there are several types of drugs that can prevent vitamin B6 is absorbed into the body. In the form of antibiotics and corticosteroids. When the long-term use, these drugs can interfere with the body’s organs, such as the digestive tract, liver, kidney, so vitamin B6 are eaten in natural resources will not be absorbed. In addition, excessive alcohol consumers, acute diarrhea, malnutrition, congenital derivatives are other cases in which a person may be deficient in vitamin B6.
Early symptoms of deficiency of vitamin B6 The first symptoms when a person is deficient in vitamin B6 reduces the quality oral health. Characterized by ulcers in the corner of his mouth. Then the symptoms of tongue and gums are injured, not as usual. This sign is similar to the sprue but not deficient in vitamin C. Another early symptom is, the body tires easily. Because metabolism is supposed to happen it does not happen with the maximum for the body lacks the energy to move. Other symptoms that a person becomes irritable, could even have seizures and numbness in the body.
The disease caused by deficiency of vitamin B6 The disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin B6 was enough. As pyroluria disease, which can become serious, when a person experiences a deficiency of vitamin B6, which is quite acute. As a result, someone would come down with schizophrenia. In addition, a disease that is possible when a person deficient in vitamin B6 is, insomnia, irritability, fatigue, paranoia, depression, anxiety, lack of sexual desire, fluid retention, rapid weight gain or even a quick walk down, problem of conversion of sugar, a problem with the way they walk.

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Also, someone who is experiencing a shortage of vitamin B6 will be anemic. Because the function of vitamin B6 itself is helping to form hemoglobin that can bind oxygen in the blood. So when someone is experiencing a shortage of vitamin B6, the body will be anemic. The first symptoms of the course is fatigue. Although the cause of fatigue much, namely that the body is deficient in vitamin B6 did not know for sure how science. However, if you experience persistent fatigue and days, talk to your doctor for proper treatment.
Prevent and overcome the deficiency of vitamin B6 How to prevent and even treat it? The easiest way is by eating natural food sources that contain lots of vitamin B6. In addition, still consult a doctor. Because the doctor will examine if there are signs that your body is unable to absorb vitamin B6 optimally. So do not take the initiative to enjoy buy vitamin B6. Because they may have excess vitamin B6 supplements or even that does not help in the slightest problem. Overcome the problem of lack of vitamin B6 if acute, you probably have to undergo intensive treatment in the hospital. When the infusion containing vitamin B6 high doses. Vitamin B6 and directly into the bloodstream and perform their function properly.
vitamin B6 deficiency can actually cause many diseases. Moreover, the disease difficult to detect, because many diseases caused by deficiency of vitamin B6 is associated with neurological diseases. Therefore, there seems to be a disease that physically seen by the eye. Not to mention, there is no clear sign of a person with a deficiency of vitamin B6 as it might have the same disease, but have different causes. Deficiency of vitamin B6 and the impact of diseases that can happen , article source:

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