7 daily habits that are causing your breasts to sag

May 26, 2016 | | Say something

A recent study revealed that the ages of two breast tissue – three years faster compared to the rest of the body. Breast sagging usually begins between 21 to 25 years old when their stem cells are not produced as much as when I was younger. A poor diet and bad health habits are the main cause of the fall of the breasts. If you want to prevent your breasts sag, there are seven habits of each day you should avoid.

cause of sagging breast


One known cause for the loss of elasticity of the skin is smoking. Not only makes your breasts fall, but also reduces the amount of collagen in the skin and blood circulation worsens.

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Poor posture

poor posture not only affects the back, but her breasts. Poor posture causes your breasts to stay in an unnatural position. If this is done by the long duration, leading to sagging breasts. Make sure you are always sitting / standing / walking upright. In addition, you can ensure you use ergonomic chair when you are working.


Lack of exercise is also a cause of sagging breasts. However, heavy practice require the use of sports bras because they support their breasts. repetitive movements back and forth, like when jogging, can cause sagging breasts.

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